The City of Meadow

About Meadow

Welcome to the City of Meadow! I am Meadow Ellis and I am happy to see you here. This is my blog covering all things that don’t fit into a single tweet, as, apparently, I have a lot to say and threads are just nonsense. But I’ll have you know, I live on Twitter. A meadow? Not a meadow, the Meadow. Yes, this is my name, although no-one believes me!


Table of Contents

As the menu layout is confusing (even for me) here’s an old-school Table of Contents: About Meadow: me! BSides London 2019: conference badge related projects; Badge 101: what is this badge about and how to make it a breadboard; Mood Badge: the badge I’ve been wearing at BSides; Hardware Foundations: explanations of some hardware concepts; Bit Banging: emulating hardware communication protocols with software; Table of Contents: you are here.