About Meadow

Welcome to the City of Meadow!

I am Meadow Ellis and I am happy to see you here. This is my blog covering all things that don’t fit into a single tweet, as, apparently, I have a lot to say and threads are just nonsense. But I’ll have you know, I live on Twitter.

A meadow?

Not a meadow, the Meadow. Yes, this is my name, although no-one believes me! I am a nation-state-sponsored, advanced, real-time, contextual, sophisticated, persistent, disorganised-crime threat actor conducting 6th generation cyber attacks in the hardware department. I work in an office with a river view. I am also ‘hardware security engineer’ with different prefixes - but they are not important here, hardware is the core of what I do in life and who I am. I don’t want to ever call myself a hacker as this word has many meanings and leads to many assumptions, not all of them valid so… I do hardware, and I do security - mostly hardware security. And I design a lot of things (or at least I have an ever-growing list of things I will do).

And this blog, what is it about?

Hardware, security, software, security, rants, mental health and Many Other Things. It’s about whatever I want to say at any given moment :) I wanted to extend beyond Twitter for a while - and, finally, due to BSides London 2019 Badge I was pushed (I pushed myself, that is) to finally make it a thing.

To save you the trouble of trying to find out: the blog at its current form is generated by gohugo.io with Aether theme (it needs some work… when I have time :), favicons generated with realfavicongenerator.net. The code lives on GitHub and Azure Pipelines are doing the magic of pushing it to a production server being Apache on Ubuntu in Azure (I will write it all up at some point as I think this CI/CD pipeline is pretty cool). If you find any holes please do tell me - it will help not only me but everyone else in making the security a thing that works.

There are no ads here, nothing is tracking you apart from Azure (boo!), no cookies are being set.

Where to find Meadow?

I mostly hang out on Twitter, I also have Instagram and that’s about it. I can be found on many places other than those but those are placeholders I don’t monitor. As my DMs on Twitter are closed to the general public best way to reach me, if I’m not following you on Twitter, is either try Discord or email hello at meadow dot city (but you have to include ‘hey Natalie’ in the subject, otherwise it will get deleted, I’m sorry). You can find me in the outside world sometimes, weekend nights that’s mostly The Dev at Camden, but I’m not that good with those types of interactions… I am trying to get better, though :)

I also made some public appearances: